berghain x somparts (2020)

stock-a-studio, research assistant;fabrication, design
team: laida aguirre, delaney mccraney, ana tang, anika shah, dana cohenclient: composer ash fure, director lilleth glimcher
“Design for a large venue that must also be able to go on tour and flatpack into 5 check-in luggages. A logistical project desguised as a scenography...every item in the kit was scrutinized for its added value, as the weight, dimensions, timeline and safety considerations of the project were to be meticulously considered.

This project developed the physical scenography for an experimental multi-disciplinary performance by a renowned composer. The live performance included 13 performers and took place at the iconic queer cultural hub of Berghain Club in Berlin. [Famous, among other reasons, for its ‘no documentation’ policies]

Drawing from ecoaesthetics and queer theory,
the project wrestles with the notion of a mutually implicated environment where the social, material, sonic and logistical are inseparable from one another. All content has implications on all else.

The design consists of 12 large plinths that elevate performers’ and audience’s presence, a stageset for a main performer and a series of large mats made of neoprene, foam and vacuum-formed plastic. The design is put together through ratchet straps and other tension mechanisms. Temporarily tied together, objects to objects and objects to performers, only existing together for the duration of the performance, these strappy, interim methods of assembly and material palette resonate with the common happenings in this Club.”
-laida aguirre, stockastudio
stock-a-studio, research assistant, plastics design and fabrication 
team: laida aguirre, delaney mccraney, ana tang, anika shah, dana cohen