Based in Chicago, IL
waylon s richmond @ gmail . com
M. Architecture, 2021, University of Michigan
B.A. 2017, University of Pittsburgh

Waylon’s work explores social and public architecture, questioning reductions categorized in our built environments. Process oriented prototyping and modeling play a crucial role in his methodology. He carries novel creativity and craft, coming from a background of artists and fine home builders. 

studio waylo desire-lines

Listen. Design drivers root in quiet in-situ observation
Translate. Process leads design thinking and overshadows product
Record. Reactions and associations accumulate in process
Product is open ended but concluded until settled observation resumes

The workspace is a shop with a desk and mess proof floor
Scale and scope fluctuate rapidly in the shop
Design is dictated by tactile means and physical tools
Digital tools aid in research, calculation, and accuracy

Architecture wins when it is active
Success is found in function and emotional importance
Accessibility, versatility, and adaptability encourage diverse use
Aesthetics play a role and are not a front seat driver
Social cues, associations, and projection are driving forces

September 2021